A Family Farm Since 1944...

Kesicke Farm raises Black Angus beef cattle, which are grass-fed and finished on a grain supplement of cracked corn, oats and soy beans. The cattle are 100 percent natural. Also sold are pork, lamb, and chicken. All meat is USDA certified and sold as a frozen product. We grow a variety of produce, from sweet corn to pumpkins in the fall. Our eggs are farm fresh and available year round. Not only are the products available directly from local farms healthier, but supporting local farmers helps preserve the open and agricultural space local residents enjoy.

Kesicke Farm in Rhinebeck truly is a family business. The farm was purchased by Frank Kesicke in 1944. Frank then passed down the farm to his son-in-law and daughter, John and Barbara Vosburgh. John and Barbara have recently divided the farm among their children. Kesicke Farm is now owned and operated by Frank Vosburgh.

Frank began farming when he was 18. Today, the farm which has grown to 240 acres plus 100 acres of lease land next door is run by Frank with help from his wife Cathy and their three children, Frankie, Steven and Lisa. A fifth generation is also beginning to learn the farming business as Frank's four grandchildren, Madison, Ryan, Bryce and Brody, also help out around the farm. The farm supplies some local restaurants and participates in the Rhinebeck Farmers Market year round, but for the most part, the meat and produce is sold direct to the consumer at the Kesicke Farm Stand, located at 229 Middle Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.